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July 5, 2022

A Story that changed my life

What do I have to do with Christopher Columbus?

The Story

Jose Miguel Sanchez de Puerta. Born in the most beautiful town (it’s mine understand it ☺️) of the Cordovan countryside La Rambla, Cordoba.

What do I have to do with Christopher Columbus?

This story begins with an incredible discovery in my grandfather’s office,

One afternoon, I noticed that one of the paintings was an original deed that was 500 years old.

Written in old Castilian, too cool not to dwell on them.

They were amazing, I wanted a copy for myself, I visited Pedro (my partner) for it and he was also amazed with them

Intrigued, we look for a way to translate them…

A contract dated in the year 1490 for the sale of the family estate.

Oh surprise!

The order of Calatrava was the previous owners… of course, we continue to investigate the story was exciting…

Year 1491

The Catholic Monarchs intercede for a young navigator before the Order of Calatrava “Help him with the groceries,” they ordered.

Here began a boat adventure that would change the history of mankind.

Yes, you’re thinking about it

That’s how it was, Christopher Columbus himself, it turns out that from Palos de la Frontera, he left in La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa María with the oil produced by our olive trees,

Crazy right?

It was clear, this story, we had to make it known, and that’s how 1490.Store was born.

The best option? To be inspired by the oil vessels carried by ships at that time, a container that would carry everything,

Olive oil wrapped in a land steeped in history in the form of porcelain, handmade, as in the past and painted one by one creating masterpieces of jewelry, crafts and Cordovan Gastronomy. Today, 1490.store has many physical sales points throughout Europe, we develop masterpieces with history, it is what we like and what 1490.store is, a place to imagine and dream without limits.

Original Scriptures

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