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November 30, 2022

More than 50 years

More than 50 years producing and bottling a good quality olive oil for our clients . Aires de Jaén not only closes the circle of production, bottling and commercialisation of olive oil but also positions itself as one of the largest exporters of olive oil in Andalusia, carrying EVOO to more than 50 countries and producing more than 8,000,000 liters of olive oil each year.

Our mission – vision is to transmit the culture of EVOO beyond our borders, transforming the fruit of the land into the best possible Extra Virgin Olive Oil so that it can be enjoyed on tables around the world, inclining our business model towards sustainability, betting on by the most avant-garde technologies.

Among our values we find the pillars that support our company: Tradition, sustainability, professionalism, guarantee of service and quality.

3.000.000 milled KG
9 000,000 Bottled liters
20.000.000 L Bottling capacity
54 countries to which we export
1023 clients already trust

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Matias López López started the family business when he acquired FINCA LOS BADENES and invested in the agricultural sector.


Miguel Ángel López Barea not only continued the work of his father, but also incorporated new hectares of olive groves into the family estate and equipped them with the most cutting-edge technologies


The four children of Miguel Ángel and Eloísa, continue with the family legacy and in 2010 thanks to the initiative of Matías and Rosa, and always supported by Carmen and Esther ; Aires de Jaén is born and conceived.


We provide the environment with a new Oleotourism area where we open the doors to discover the culture of EVOO.


The incorporation of the fourth generation represents the improvement and continuity of the company, transforming the heritage received from previous generations into wealth. We must also mention the whole team of olive grove lovers who have been joining our project and without them this would not be possible.

Aires De Jaen SL has been awarded three (3) awards by the Berlin GOOA 2022, Global Olive Oil Awards.

Consum | Quality Olive Oil Awards

Finca Badenes | Quality Olive Oil Awards

Finca Badenes | Design & Packaging



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