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October 18, 2022


l’Oleo is the heart project of two young entrepreneurs #Estefania de Castillejo and #Melanie Narvaez whose roots reach deep into the land of liquid gold. It is due to their passion for good food and the globalization -related difficulties of locating high-quality delicacies thousands of kilometers away that the desire arose to bring unfiltered extra virgin olive oil , straight from trees over a hundred years old, to your table .

After enjoying delicacy olive oil every day for many years, in the tradition of our family, we are now embarking on the adventure of sharing this treasure with you. We want to give you the same love that this great ally gives to us with every meal of the day . We take pride in every single detail that goes into the production of our oil – from cultivation to the finishing touches on the finished bottle.

We are one of the #eliteoliveoils in the world and are listed on eliteoliveoil.com. We have been named one of the #eliteoliveoils in the world 2022 by the Berlin GOOA Global Olive Oil Awards.

We are pleased to announce that we have won the gold medal for high polyphenol content at 538 mg/kg, the bronze medal for quality with 0.3% acid and 3 stars for best design and packaging.

From the fantastically beautiful south of Andalusia, Málaga, we would like to introduce you to the exquisite enjoyment of a fruit that has been treated with love and expertise: the liquid gold of the Sierra de las Nieves, pure purity. In 1995, this area, which has been a national park since 2021, was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO .

Our olive trees grow in the lower part of the Sierra de las Nieves, which offers the optimal conditions for the cultivation of the local olives due to its climatic conditions. The quality of the oil fruit depends largely on the climate, just like the production, which has been adapted to the summer drought for centuries. In the rainy season, from autumn to spring, there is between 700 and 1800 mm of rainfall per year, which ensures perfectly balanced growing conditions for the flowering of the best olives of the south every year.



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