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December 22, 2022

Ines Schröer, née Bellino, founder

I grew up in Germany as the daughter of Italian parents.

The Story

What was never missing in our kitchen was a bottle of fresh olive oil from my Italian homeland. Since fairness and justice are my two strongest values, it is not surprising that i have decided to stand up for the olive farmers there.

When it comes to olive oil selection, I often observe powerlessness, ignorance and distrust among end consumers.

Powerlessness because many people feel overwhelmed by the offer.

Ignorance because then they don’t know which olive oil to choose.

Distrust because you have now reached for the wrong bottle too often.

#Säint stands for fairness, transparency, quality and sustainability.

All four elements are strongly interwoven and are lived in cooperation with our farmers, partners, customers and the environment.

The name säint is my homage to two cultures that made me the person I am today. For one thing, it represents the many memories i carry of my Italian birthplace, San Paolo di civitate (“san” means saint). on the other hand, the umlaut stands for my current hometown of Munich, which I can no longer imagine without.

Saint is also a tribute to our farmers, who make great olive oils because they love olive oil and nature, and who enchant us with their work every day.

Every olive oil can bear its owner’s name as a thank you, starting with Saint Antonio.

We make fair and honest olive oil

Ines Schröer – Säint has been granted a Gold Award at the Berlin GOOA 2022, Global Olive Oil Awards and has been listed at eliteOliveOils.com | Global Brands 2022

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