Taste Awards 2024

Mediterranean Taste Awards


Extra virgin olive oil ADELΦOS {adelfόs= brother, dear friend} is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Sitia Lasithiou Kritis product, fruity of medium intensity, moderately pungent and bitter, high in unsaturated fats with the delicate aromas of freshly-cut grass, olive leaves, fresh herbs, flowers and nuts, dinstinctive of Zakros. Due to its balanced character, it works both as a background or a unique touch for the gastronomic vision, complimenting every cooking style. That is why it is preferred from cooking enthusiasts, to professionals of the most creative highspeed kitchens in the word.


About Producer

The history of the Agricultural Cooperative of Zakros begins in 1936. The history and the tradition of olive tree cultivation in Zakros, begins thousands of years ago, in the Minoan Era. Today, our 500 producers with their families, produce extra virgin olive oil in unity, cultivating 10000 acres of Koroneiki variety olive trees within the boundaries of Global Sitia Geopark, respecting the environment, applying a quality production model with scientific support. The natural springs οf the surrounding mountains, with the excellent rainwater, the nutritious limestone soil of the semi – mountainous terrain, the altitude of 200- 250 meters from sea level, the Mediterranean climate, especially the microclimate of Eastern Crete, are the gifts of nature, completed
by human skillfulness.

Product Information

Company Name
Agricultural Cooperative Of Zakros
  • Silver
  • Sitia
Awards Category
  • Taste
  • Greece

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