Taste Awards 2024

Mediterranean Taste Awards


Borboletta biscuits – a burst of flavor and personality We believe that cookies should never be ordinary, so we’ve carefully studied a range of flavors that will leave you craving for more. Our biscuits, prepared with top quality organic ingredients, have a very short label! We do not use additives, colorants, thickeners, industrial semi-finished products, palm oil etc. Only organic, natural ingredients and that’s it! Our recipes, certified organic, have been perfected over the years and tested by thousands of happy customers, mixed every day by our talented and passionate pastry chefs. A range of flavors full of character, but with a gentle soul: here is the recipe that makes our artisanal delicacies truly extraordinary.


About Producer

Borboletta – Baking a Better World, one biscuit at a time. Borboletta is an innovative and eco-socially conscious organic cookie brand baked with 100% solar and renewable energy in the beautiful city of Rome (Italy). As a registered trademark owned by VIVI srl Società Benefit, a certified B Corp company, Borboletta is committed to using business as a force for good. Our mission is to provide guilt-free indulgence through delicious biscuits that prioritize sustainability. We are a carbon-neutral organic biscuit brand, actively reducing our carbon footprint and investing in reforestation projects. Borboletta, represented by a butterfly, symbolizes our commitment to environmental conservation. We actively invest in pollinator projects to support butterflies, bees, and other vital species.

Product Information

Company Name
Foodix Srl
  • Silver
  • Rome
Awards Category
  • Organic
  • Italy

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