Taste Awards 2024


Canù is not a simple long pasta shape but it has been specially developed to be used as a straw: we made several laboratory tests to make it suitable for use as drinking device. As result Canù lasts in a cold drink and/or at room temperature for more than one hour before softening and it does not change the taste and the colour of the beverages; in fact we use only certified organic, gluten-free and dye-free flours (corn, Nerone rice, lentils, beetroot, peas), and this avoids the effect of colour and flavor dispersion while drinking a drink. Canù is available in several versions, both in lengths and colors (yellow, black, red, green), and it is fantastic for cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies and sorbets: cocktails and drinks in general are now true design creations, and the straw, together with the glass, the leaves, the colors, and everything that comes with it, becomes an integral part of them. Canù is unique and stands out; it offers the possibility of enhancing the look of the drink; it is nice and it is pure Italian design.


About Producer

CAMPO was founded in 1978 – just when organic agriculture was beginning to take root in Italy – at Isola del Piano, a small village deep in the countryside of the Le Marche region of Italy, in answer to a specific demand for healthy food grown without putting poisons into the land. In the 1970s, it was only too clear that putting chemicals into the earth was damaging people’s health and well-being, and destroying our very future. Obviously, organic agriculture was the only way forward, because there is only one way to work the land, and that is to be at peace with nature. Since then we have chosen to focus on basic, everyday foods, the things that are always to be found in any home. We believe that organic food, free from any toxic element, must be officially acknowledged as a universal right and readily available to all; our wealth of skills, knowledge and know-how made us the ultimate reference point for those seeking basic organic foods such as pasta, tomatoes, oil and legumes.

Product Information

Company Name
Campo Società Cooperativa Agricola
  • Silver
  • Fossombrone
Awards Category
  • Innovation
  • Italy

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