Taste Awards 2024

Mediterranean Taste Awards

Mel Baldoni Flores Silvestre

This honey is 100% produced by Apis Mellifera (Africanized European) bees, multifloral, harvested predominantly from the nectar of wildflowers native to the Atlantic forest biome. Its color can vary between medium and dark tones and has low tolerance to crystallization at low temperatures. Wildflower honey is the most versatile among the types of honey, as it has greater organoleptic variations. Also known as wildflower honey, it is a multifloral honey, that is, originating from the nectar of various flowers native to the Atlantic Forest biome. For this reason, its color can vary between medium and dark tones. It is the most versatile among types of honey.


About Producer

BALDONI PRODUTOS NATURAIS is a genuinely Brazilian company, founded in 1983 by a family passionate about beekeeping, which has always positioned tradition and quality as its reason for existence.
In January 2016, BALDONI was acquired by current shareholders and, since then, has sought to implement professional and conscious management. The administrative-financial, commercial and industrial structure was completely remodeled and the company currently develops activities throughout the entire beekeeping production chain, investing aggressively in its research and development division with the purpose of covering the entire spectrum of products composed of raw materials. beekeeping raw material that is possible for distribution in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Food Service and Institutional channels.

Product Information

Company Name
Baldoni Produtos Naturais
  • Gold
  • Campinas
Awards Category
  • Taste
  • Brazil

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