Taste Awards 2024

Mediterranean Taste Awards

Organic Forest Honey-“To Emmelaki”

To begin with, we produce oak honey with its intense aroma and dense texture in a Natura region located in nothern Greece. Second comes the light-coloured blossom honey that is particularly sweet and is loved by children. It is obtained from the nectar of wild sideritis perfoliata and paliurus, due to the large amount of rainfalls last spring. Thirdly, forest honey obtained from Mentha aquatica, Origanum vulgare and Mentha spicata, gaining its special colour and the smell of the forest itself. Every one of these is rich in antioxidants, with antibacterial action, strengthening the immune system and health. They contain natural sugars and no added sweeteners, offering an answer to all tastes.


About Producer

Organic Greek Honey “To Emmelaki” is a product crafted with love by a second-generation family of beekeepers. We keep our local beekeeping traditions alive by producing honey from the lush landscapes of northern Greece. Our honey boasts a rich flavor profile and represents our commitment to sustainability and quality. We personally nurture each hive, placing them only in carefully selected areas. Every spoonful of this nutritious superfood comes from our hives without foreign mixing and preservatives.We produce the highest quality local honey varieties and offer them unaltered on the table of every home.

Product Information

Company Name
Miska Aspasia
  • Silver
  • Florina
Awards Category
  • Organic
  • Greece

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