Taste Awards 2024

Mediterranean Taste Awards

Theoni Natural Mineral Water In Glass Bottle 1ltr

Theoni Natural Mineral Water is originating from the heart of the Agrafa mountains, THEONI possesses a unique character, exuding youthful and fresh traits. Its chemistry results in a soft and smooth body.Packaged in a convenient 1-liter glass bottle, THEONI derives its exceptional taste from its mindful sourcing in pristine forests and geological formations. The water’s distinct chemical composition, boasting low sodium and an alkaline pH, further enhances its refreshing and unparalleled flavor, making it a highly coveted natural product.


About Producer

Theoni Water is real spring water located in Greece. It gushes at an altitude of 1100m from the natural Goura Spring, at the Agrafa mountain range. In this pristine environment, far away from any kind of human activity, the water is bottled directly from the spring, without any impurities, additives or processing. In this way, it preserves its natural characteristics, making it the leading Greek Natural Mineral Water today with more than 60 International Quality and Taste Awards. Natural Mineral Water THEONI is a gift of nature to the human body thanks to the qualitative characteristics. THEONI is distinguished by its pH value of 8, ranking it an alkaline water with multiple benefits for the body. It has relatively low hardness and ultra low sodium content, while Nitrites/Nitrates concentrations are extremely low that are not even detected most of the times. Beyond the health benefits, Theoni water has an exceptional composition of inorganic mineral salts and metallic ions that give the water a unique taste.

Product Information

Company Name
AHB Group S.A
  • Gold
  • Vatsounia
Awards Category
  • Taste
  • Greece

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