Taste Awards 2024

Mediterranean Taste Awards

Vassilakis Estate Premium Tastes -Balsamic Vinegar Glaze With Cretan Merlin Orange

Vassilakis Estate Premium Tastes presents our unique balsamic glaze with real juice from Cretan Merlin oranges. From four local grape varieties and matured in wooden barrels, its sweetly tart, velvety taste adds a touch of luxury to any dish. Ideal for marinades and dressings. Drizzle over cheese, vegetables & cooked dishes, fruit or ice cream for extra sparkle. 100% Natural – No Preservatives, Additives Or Colour


About Producer

Explore the esteemed heritage of the Vassilakis family, renowned artisans of unparalleled olive oils since 1865 in Crete’s captivating Mirabello region. Rooted in time-honored agricultural practices that have endured, we honor the environment while embracing modern milling techniques, resulting in oils that epitomize sheer excellence. However, our mastery extends beyond oils. Immerse yourself in a world where our commitment to excellence and sustainability converges, yielding exquisite offerings that redefine global culinary experiences. Revel in the richness of our vinegars and indulge in the unparalleled sweetness of our syrup, painstakingly crafted to enchant taste buds and infuse culinary creations with unparalleled depth and quality.

Product Information

Company Name
Vassilakis Estate - Vassilakis Emm SA
  • Gold
  • Neapoli
Awards Category
  • Taste
  • Greece

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